Purple Nail is a female-fronted melodic goth metal band from Västerås, Sweden, founded in 2008 by Hellsinki (Guitar) and Voodoo (Drums) . In 2010 Lady Crow (Vocals) and Aiwaz (Bass) joined the band.

2012 they realesed the video for the singel Bring Me Down, witch have reach over 100 000+ views.

The following year the album Night Lights was realesed. Purple Nail did all the recording and the whole album was mixed and mastred by Vasse at First Sound Studio.

In 2014 the second album came, Embrace The Dark, which was more dark and occult due to Aiwaz interest into the subjects. He also contributed to the more poetic lyrics.

The album was recorded in Italy and realesed on Wormhole Death.

Shortly after Embrace The Dark was released, Aiwaz chose to focus on his other projects. Lady Crow also left the band to focus on her art studies.

Hellsinki and Voodoo started to work on new songs with more similar sound as Night Lights and started to search for a new singer. After what seemed like an eternity they found Loella. A few months later also Leo on bass joined the band.

Red Sky started already to take form in late 2015 but the fact that the band was still missing a singer put the song on hold until Loella joined the band. Red Sky was recorded by Purple Nail and this time mixed and mastred by Vladi Vargas at Soundism Studio.

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